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Beattie Passive was born from a desire to improve the energy efficiency of UK homes, raise building standards and narrow the performance gap that continues to plague the construction industry. In recent years, our work has become even more urgent, to tackle the housing crisis, homelessness and fuel poverty, while improving living standards and decarbonising construction.
Beattie Passive has been committed to Passivhaus from Day One
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Founded by Passivhaus pioneer and environmentalist Ron Beattie over a decade ago, Beattie Passive builds highly sustainable, energy efficient homes.

Passivhaus can reduce your heating bills by up to 100% and provides a clear route to net zero. The standard also sets targets for comfort that improve living standards and quality of life. We’re building the homes of the future, today.

Ron Beattie, Founder & Managing Director

Ron is a skilled architectural designer and a seasoned ‘hands-on’ builder. This rare combination of specialist knowledge and practical expertise, together with decades of industry experience, gives him a thorough insight into all the processes involved – from conceptual design, through to practical applications and testing.

Building performance pioneers

Speaking about his original motivations, Ron said: “When I first started the company, it was all about trying to lift the quality of building, full stop. We looked at everything we do, from design to testing, through to someone actually living in a property, to see how we could make everything better. I wasn’t focused on one particular element, I wanted to improve everything. So we looked at fire safety, flooding, radon, sound and buildability, as well as cost, durability and longevity.”

The Beattie Passive Build System

Ron’s ideas inspired him to invent a solution that would go on to become the UK’s first complete certified Passivhaus build system. “I wanted to bring about change in every sector. There’s no point having a build system that cannot be used for any building shape or size. It had to be suitable for the construction of schools, offices, and homes. Additionally, it had to be capable of retrofitting existing building stock. This has always been a concern to me, due to the massive challenges we’re facing with climate change. I’ve always been interested in our climate, and the ways Passivhaus can be used to conserve energy.”

“We’ve been committed to Passivhaus from the start, because the benefits are so compelling. It’s the Passivhaus standard that raises living standards for occupants, lowers their energy bills and cuts their carbon emissions. It ticks all the boxes. The energy efficiency is absolutely remarkable. We’re here to raise awareness and make Passivhaus more accessible to everyone.”

Ron Beattie

Founder & Managing Director, Beattie Passive

Tackling the housing crisis, fuel poverty and climate change

Today, Beattie Passive is focused on tackling the enormous challenges facing the construction industry and the housing sector. We’re in the midst of a climate emergency, a housing crisis, a cost-of-living crisis and an energy crisis. Passivhaus, delivered using our system, can make a massive difference across the housing sector – from self builders through to social housing providers.

Ron believes more people should be building to the Passivhaus standard, using timber, because it lowers both embodied and operational carbon.

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We’re building a Net Zero future. One home at a time.

We love what we do and it’s been an incredible journey to get where we are today. We’ve worked with a lot of forward-thinking clients, delivered some really outstanding projects, and picked up a number of prestigious awards and accolades along the way. But we’re not done yet. Not by a long shot. Now, more than ever before, is the time to bring Passivhaus further into the mainstream.

We’re always keen to work with people that share our passion for energy efficient, low carbon housing. Together, we can make a real difference.

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