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Christmas Already – Where has 2017 gone?

Isabel Beattie
Posted December 21, 2017
Category Company

As we all start winding down for the Christmas period, eating all the mince pies and chocolates (or is that just us?) we look back at what we’ve achieved this year.

Christmas houses

We’ve been busy innovating new offerings for the offsite sector, we’ve expanded the team and built homes all over the UK for our amazing clients.

We’ve worked with Councils and Housing Associations across the country, proving that Passivhaus is for everyone.

We are proud of the work of everyone we have worked with this year, from the Factory teams for manufacturing the frames, the Offsite teams for making the frames into homes and the office team for doing all the things behind the scenes (even the boring things)

We wish everyone a very happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year, we can’t wait to work with you in 2018!

The Beattie Passive Team