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EU Referendum

Isabel Beattie
Posted July 06, 2016
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EU Referendum – What this means to Beattie Passive and our clients

Following the recent Referendum and decision to leave the EU, the team at Beattie Passive would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that it’s business as usual.

Our design and manufacturing is UK based and remains unaffected by the vote as we are neither tied to European imports nor fluctuations in the exchange rate, and our simple design and build concept means that the availability of construction labour won’t be a concern for future projects.

It is now more important for us all to have as much control over fuel and energy costs – your Beattie Passive home cuts 90% of your energy requirements – controlling fuel security for the long term.

We are confident that the UK will make the best of the new situation and we will continue to offer all our customers design excellence, innovation and the stability of Passivhaus delivery, both now and in the future.