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A Beattie Passive Flying Factory partnership enables you to become self-sufficient in delivering your own Passivhaus standard homes. We provide your staff or your DLO with the know-how and support to set up and run a Passivhaus factory, so that you can build your own Passivhaus homes, with your own local labour and supply chain.

Who is it for?

The Flying Factory offering is perfect for Housing Associations, Councils, Social Enterprise, CLTs and Developers wanting to offer Passivhaus standard homes to their residents.

How could a Flying Factory partnership benefit you?

  • Utilising your local labour force or your own DLO to build the Beattie Passive System, delivers social and economic benefits for your local community
  • Setting up your Flying Factory close by or on the construction site, reduces logistical challenges and transport costs
  • It is affordable to set up a Beattie Passive Flying Factory and no specialist equipment is required
  • Faster delivery, as sticks and panels are moved straight from manufacture to site
  • Ability to closely manage and determine the costs
  • Highly flexible Flying Factory can easily be scaled up, scaled down, relocated or mothballed to align with your demand and build schedule
  • An ideal base to support the training of unskilled people in the skills of carpentry and construction

How It Works

Beattie Passive will provide you and your in-house team with all the training and knowledge you need to begin working with your own Flying Factory. Supporting your local assembly and training / employment scheme.

The training package consists of 6 weeks of hands-on training time.

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“Fascinating visit to Beattie Passive in Bicester last week to see how they are building Passivhaus homes in a ‘Flying Factory’, allowing homes from self-build to social housing to be built with cost, time, health and environmental benefits.”

Rebecca Evans
Minister for Housing and Regeneration, Wales


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