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Modular Haus4Two+ unit launched

Isabel Beattie
Posted June 15, 2021
Category Homelessness Housing Associations Modular Housing Net Zero Passivhaus

A brand new modular product in the Beattie Passive Haus4 range, the Haus4two+ is 10m2 larger than the existing Haus4two. Standing at 39.6m2, it is large enough to meet the London design standards for a one-bed property, and meets the size criteria needed for official Passivhaus certification (and zero-carbon can be reached easily with the addition of two 3.2kW solar panels to provide power).

The Haus4two+ can serve either as modular temporary accommodation or a starter home for young people as their first step onto the property ladder in the London area or elsewhere, as a couple of examples, but these widely flexible units and can be adapted to suit your needs.

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