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Net Zero modular range launched

Isabel Beattie
Posted July 02, 2021
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We are the first company to combine offsite construction with a Passivhaus Institute certified complete build system. As the leading provider of Passivhaus homes in the UK, we are preparing to revolutionise housebuilding with their new range of net zero modular zero-carbon homes. From cosy 1-bedroom pocket homes to sprawling 3-storey apartment blocks. We are ready to deliver the highest quality, Passivhaus-standard housing at a scale and pace never seen before in the industry.

Combining our patented timber-frame build system with offsite construction methods. Beattie Passive has pioneered a new range of Net Zero high quality, energy efficient modular homes of various designs. With 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom options available, Beattie Passive’s modular range offers the perfect housing solution for both single-persons and families. Delivering a variety of aesthetic finishes available, ranging from clean, contemporary designs to more traditional styles.

Who is it designed for?

Designed for Councils, Housing Associations and Developers, our new modular range offers a large range of products and styles that can be delivered quickly and can fit with the client’s needs and aesthetic requirements. Obviously, having all the same benefits as any other Beattie Passive build, the modular homes reach Passivhaus standards. With many of these house types able to achieve certification by the Passivhaus Institute. Therefore this greatly reducing heating requirements and providing a healthier environment for residents and having a positive environmental impact.

Ron Beattie, Managing Director of Beattie Passive, said:

“We are very excited to be launching our new range of modular housing. These are the first fully modular homes that are able to achieve net-zero carbon and reach Passivhaus certification on the market. They have all the same benefits as every other Beattie Passive build. These can be built and delivered much quicker than a traditional build for a comparable price. We believe this offers a real opportunity to revolutionise housebuilding in the UK.”