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New license agreement with Creating Enterprise

Isabel Beattie
Posted August 04, 2020
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Beattie Passive announce new license agreement with Creating Enterprise for the North Wales region.

Building on our relationship over the past three years of building Passivhaus homes through the Beattie Passive Flying Factory offering, we are delighted to announce that we have entered into a license agreement with Creating Enterprise. Creating Enterprise will exclusively build Passivhaus modular homes across the 6 counties of North Wales.

As our delivery partner for North Wales, this new long-term agreement allows Creating Enterprise to build the very best in terms of energy efficient, carbon zero homes, certified by Beattie Passive.

New Homes

Our innovative approach to building high quality homes, supports the Welsh Government’s ambitions to reduce carbon emissions from the housing sector and build more social and affordable homes.

The new homes can be built at scale and pace not only meeting the demand for new varied, housing stock They will also deliver the required standards in terms of energy efficiency.

These environmentally friendly homes are built from sustainable materials. Using Modern Methods of Construction, they will be locally manufactured by Creating Enterpirse using readily available materials. The timber frames will be constructed in a ‘Flying Factory’ on-site, lowering the carbon footprint.

Social Value

This new venture will also bring in additional income to meet Creating Enterprise’s social purpose. With a focus on creating employment opportunities for tenants and the local community. As Creating Enterprise build more homes, they can support more people. Often those who lack pre-existing skills and are furthest from the job market. Trainees learn new skills whilst working alongside qualified trades in new methods of construction. This will enable them to better themselves and their future prospects.

We believe that training and skills development of local communities (e.g. apprenticeships and work experience) are fundamental to developing long term sustainable construction solutions. Therefore we believe this will continue to be a key focus of the partnership.