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Our Build System

We’re the first company in the UK to achieve certification for a complete Build System from the Passivhaus Institut in Germany. Our innovative construction method (we have 44 patents in 96 countries) provides a continuous insulation layer around the core of a timber-framed structure.
Here are the technical details of our build system
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Simplifying Passivhaus

Traditional methods of construction create numerous joints between the floor, wall and roof. Each of these joints will inevitably lose heat. Our build system overcomes this problem and meets the rigorous demands of the Passivhaus standard. Our system is housed within a treated timber-frame structure to deliver a complete solution. High performance insulation material is injected into the floor, wall and ceiling cavities, to create one continuous insulated layer. No joints. No leaks.

The Beattie Passive build system has been used to build award-winning social housing developments.

The system is incredibly versatile and ideal for volumetric modular projects, such as this net zero scheme in Wales.

We’re passionate about Passivhaus and all its benefits. Over 1,000 people live in a Beattie Passive home.

Our Passivhaus certification

Our Passivhaus certified system is extraordinarily energy efficient and delivers exceptional levels of performance as standard

  • Certified by the Passivhaus Institute
  • Up to 90% or more reduction in heating demand
  • Low or even Net Zero carbon emissions
  • Higher standard of living and thermal comfort
  • Healthier homes with higher levels of air quality
  • Thermal bridge free ≤ 0.01W/(mK)
  • Thermal efficiency U-values 0.11 and below
  • Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR)

What makes us unique?

We always build to the classic Passivhaus standard. However, our system will give you all these additional benefits and more.

  • Protection from fire, flood and radon
  • Sound protection
  • Longevity – built to last

Read more about the benefits and tech specs of our build system.

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