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School Classrooms

With the government's change to the funding of capital building projects in state schools, Beattie Passive has developed a building system which fits comfortably into school budgets.

The Beattie Passive classroom is not only a cost effective solution to temporary or long-term accommodation planning, it also provides significant environmental benefits with a reduction of both CO2 emissions and space heating by 90%.

Key benefits

  • Build cost is less than for a conventional building
  • Reduction of both CO2 and space heating by 90%
  • Improved learning environment
  • No heavy equipment on-site, so construction could even be undertaken during term-time
  • Nature of construction allows Beattie Passive to be considered as an alternative to temporary classroom accommodation
  • Depending on design, purchase cost should equate to between three and five years’ hire/lease costs
  • Vastly reduced running costs
  • Permanent yet moveable structure
  • Long-term asset

Improved Learning Environment

Passive classrooms are significantly more healthy teaching and learning environments than conventional classrooms. When positioned correctly, the natural light offers a more conducive learning space and with a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system, the CO² levels are reduced to around 1000ppm, well below the government's recommended level of 1500ppm*.

The MVHR system also removes airborne irritants from the incoming air, as well as providing a fresh "spring-like" quality to every school day. Passive shading, in conjunction with high-performing windows and the MVHR system, ensures a comfortable year-round temperature of around 20°C.

To find out more information contact Beattie Passive on +44 (0)8456 449003 or email

*A recent study of primary schools on the English south-east coast published by Reading University showed levels of up to 5,250ppm. It was also highlighted that pupil's attainment levels are impaired by such high levels of CO² in the classroom.
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Recent Passive House projects


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