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Passivhaus Norfolk’s Low Energy Future – Record Turnout of Delegates

Isabel Beattie
Posted March 11, 2015
Category Events

Thursday 5th March saw a record turnout at Hethel to hear the excellent line up of speakers on Passivhaus and the benefits that can be gained by adopting this methodology.  

Low Energy Future pic

We heard how Passivhaus is quickly becoming recognised as the future of energy efficient building construction. A future that is developing rapidly in Norfolk using local skills and expertise.  We heard how Hethel Innovation is working hard, with Beattie Passive, to champion Passivhaus as a solution to societal and economic challenges in the public and private sectors and it was agreed that the event provided an interesting insight into Norfolk’s desire to champion low energy developments, the benefits (environmental, social, financial) and how this can be delivered affordably.

We thank the excellent line-up of knowledgeable speakers who shared their views and passions with us.

  • Kym Mead – Passivhaus Trust
  • Richard Gawthorpe – Executive Director of Broadland Growth
  • John Le Fever – Regional Head of Development; Hastoe Housing
  • Martin Sleeuw – Comm Manager, Centre for the Built Environment
  • Catherine Guelbert – Building Growth Sector Group
  • Ron Beattie – Managing Director of Beattie Passive