Developer-led Project, Westcliffe-on-Sea

A 3-bedroom two storey 105m2 detached family home in a popular location close to the coast.
Westcliffe on Sea
Made In The UK
Westcliffe-on-Sea, Essex
Mr Sampson
Delivery Method
Offsite Panel
U Value - Walls and Roof
0.11 W/m²k
U Value - Floor
0.09 W/m²k
<0.6 hm²@50Pa

The client was looking to build a home to then sell on and Beattie Passive was recommended as a way forward. With planning in place for creating a brand new three bedroom home on the site of a former builders’ yard in Essex, our client met with Ron and the team, and liked the idea of Passivhaus and self build but was yet not in a position to do the work himself full time.

“The factory construction solution offered by Beattie Passive was ideal as the structural thermal envelop could be manufactured and tested in the factory before being delivered and erected on-site. This would reduce the overall time spent on site and meant internal fixtures and fittings could be started earlier than a traditional build would allow.”
Mr Sampson