Ecology Centre, Fife, Scotland

A 120m2 community building on the banks of Kinghorn Lock, Fife.
Made In The UK
Fife, Scotland
Smart Builders
Delivery Method
Training Academy
Roof and Wall U value
0.11 W/m²k
Floor U value
0.09 W/m²k
Air Tightness
Below 0.16/hm²@50pa

Project Description:

Client: Ecology Centre, Fife, Scotland

Contractor: Smart Builders

Architect: Stuart Hannah, Architecture Design Development

Project Background: The project has been funded by a significant grant which will allow a new, sustainable centre to continue providing much needed education and meeting room facilities for the local community. The new centre will also continue to provide a range of training and volunteering opportunities for young people in the area.

“We are absolutely ecstatic to have been awarded this grant as it means that The Ecology Centre can continue to provide its services to the community. It also means that local, young, unemployed people will continue to have opportunities to gain the skills and knowledge to get into employment. It’s very exciting to have a purpose built, environmentally friendly Centre to operate from, enabling more people to be involved in a more comfortable environment”.
Julie Samuel
General Manager
“I’ve been involved with Beattie Passive for a number of years and having already completed a successful housing association build project in Fife, it seemed a natural fit to use the Beattie Passive Build System for the Ecology Centre tender. The simplicity of the System made it easy to scale for a non-domestic building and crucially, it would deliver on cost, buildability and environmental factors including air tightness and thermal performance”.
Stuart Hannah