EnerPHit Standard Retrofit & Remodel

The Willows is an EnerPHit standard retrofit and refurbishment project that has transformed a dated 1970's bungalow into an energy efficient Georgian-style family home. The property is equipped with Brink's largest domestic MVHR unit and a REHAU ground tube. It will be fitted with PVs to reach Net Zero.
Enerphit standard retrofit and refurb at the Willows
Made In The UK
Norwich, Norfolk
Henry Badger
EnerPHit (pending)
≤ 0.11 W/(m2K)
< 1 ACH@50pa
Delivery Method
Retrofit & Remodel

The original 1970’s chalet bungalow

Our latest EnerPHit standard retrofit and remodelling project has transformed this dated 1970s chalet bungalow into an energy efficient Georgian-style rectory.

The original 1970s bungalow pre-retrofit

The many benefits of retrofitting

Retrofitting can improve the energy efficiency of homes by up to 100%. This helps householders save money on their bills and reduce their emissions. It also makes their homes healthier, tackles damp and mould, and eliminates draughts.

The Willows EnerPHit retrofit & remodel, Norfolk

The original 1970’s bungalow had a floor area of 2,087 sq. ft. and required a whopping 90kWh/m2 of energy to heat. The Beattie Passive TCosy system was installed around the building, together with a new extension. Post-retrofit, the floor area is 4,422 sq. ft. but the heat load is now only 14kWh/m2.

Although the footprint of the house has only increased relatively modestly, the overall size of the house has increased dramatically! The footprint hasn’t changed dramatically, but the treated floor area has increased significantly.

The Beattie Passive TCosy system

Our clients had been searching for a six bedroom family home in Norfolk, but had been unable to secure one in the post-Covid property boom. Ideally, they were looking for a period property, with their dream house being a Georgian rectory. We advised them to consider location and plot size instead, with a view to remodelling an existing home using our TCosy system.

Achieving Net Zero with Passivhaus

One of the easiest ways to achieve Net Zero is to apply the Passivhaus principles and then add a source of renewable energy. The Willows will be fitted with photovoltaic panels to capture thermal energy. Because the heating demand is so diminished, it only takes a small amount of renewable energy to balance out the energy demand. A REHAU thermal ground tube tempers the air by 7 º in winter and summer, providing cost-free energy for life.

Avoid planning pitfalls

Our client was able to easily obtain planning permission for this remodel and retrofit, and they used existing services. There were no planning problems or hold-ups, and no expensive CIL payments were required. All the load bearing walls and ground floor slab remained in situ and a large extension was added. The home is connected to existing services, which made the whole process easier. As you can see, the new home is much larger.

The journey so far

The process of retrofitting and remodelling this property has been remarkably straightforward. At Beattie Passive, we always adopt a ‘fabric first’ approach to the structural thermal envelope. The Beattie Passive TCosy system is quick and simple to build. The Willows is also fitted with a large feature skylight and the UK’s first Brink Flair 600 MVHR system, which is Brink’s largest domestic unit. It provides Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery throughout the home.

In addition to these measures, a REHAU ground tube runs for 50 metres, at a depth of 1.5 metres, to temper the incoming air into the house by 7 degrees. These systems all work together in tandem to enhance energy efficiency and maintain a consistent level of thermal comfort throughout the year.

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