Hen Ysgol, Llanwrst

Our flying factory partner Creating Enterprise are developing energy efficient, sustainable housing using our certified and patented Passivhaus build system. This accessible bungalow is being built to allow wheelchair access.
Hen Ysgol (2)
Made In The UK
Cartrefi Conwy
No of Units
Flying Factory Partner
Creating Enterprise
Delivery Method
Modular Panel
Expected Airtightness
0.6 or below
Beattie Passive Build System

Creating Enterprise, a social enterprise that focuses on providing sustainable solutions to the affordable housing crisis in North Wales, has built a new bungalow in Llanrwst to the Passivhaus standard. The bungalow, named Hen Ysgol, has been designed with accessibility in mind and has been constructed using the Beattie Passive Build System.

Creating Enterprise is a Beattie Passive Flying Factory partner.

In this case study, we explore the key features of Hen Ysgol and why it’s an important development for the local community.

Key features of Hen Ysgol

Hen Ysgol has been designed with accessibility in mind. The bungalow has high levels of insulation, which reduces heat loss and keeps the building warm in the winter. The Beattie Passive Build System creates an airtight structural thermal envelope, which helps to reduce air infiltration, eliminates thermal bridging, and, ultimately, helps to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

The windows in Hen Ysgol are all triple glazed, which provides an extra layer of insulation and helps to reduce noise pollution. The bungalow is also fitted with a highly efficient mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system (MVHR), which provides a constant supply of fresh air while recovering heat from the stale exhaust air as it exits the building.

Hen Ysgol is located in a quiet residential area in Llanwrst, surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. Its energy efficient design will provide long term benefits for its occupants, reducing energy bills and contributing to a more sustainable future.

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