Modular Housing for the Homeless

As the principal contractor, we designed, built and assembled 19 new apartments to initially serve as emergency temporary accommodation for homeless people in Cardiff.
Haus4 modular homes - our answer to the housing and homelessness crisis
Made In The UK
Cardiff, Wales
Cardiff Council
Delivery Method
Passivhaus Principles
< 1 m3/hm2@50pa
Wall & Roof U-Values
0.11 W/m2k
Floor U-Value
0.12 W/m2k
Sound Proofing

Hayes Place is a development of 19 new homes, situated on a car park, that provides temporary housing for the homeless in Cardiff

Built to Passivhaus standards, these flats provide residents with comfortable homes and reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, the homes are also relocatable.

The speed of delivery on the site for us in Cardiff has been really impressive!
David Jacques
Operational Manager, Development & Regeneration at Cardiff Council

Our solution to the housing and homelessness crisis

Haus4 is our award-winning range of modular housing for the homeless. Built to Passivhaus standards of energy efficiency, quality and comfort in as little as 6 weeks, Haus4 modular homes can be installed, ready for occupation, within a matter of hours. In addition, Haus4 is stackable, relocatable and sustainable – with remarkably low running costs. And if you need to achieve Net Zero, look no further!

Passivhaus requires as little as 10% of the energy used by a typical central European building for space heating and cooling. As you would expect, this has a profound impact on heating bills. With Passivhaus, we can end fuel poverty, relieve the burden of high energy bills, and build a brighter and more prosperous future for everyone.

Haus4 modular homes can be built and deployed quickly with no compromise in build quality. In actual fact, the build quality is superior. Our clients can trust that every home we build is manufactured to the rigorous quality requirements of the internationally-recognised Passivhaus standard.

We use timber for our structural build system because it has the lowest embodied carbon of any mainstream construction material
Ron Beattie
Founder & Managing Director, Beattie Passive
This development was commissioned to provide modular homes for the homeless
  • Built to Passivhaus standard
  • All the additional benefits of the Beattie Passive build system
  • Optimised for Net Zero
  • The ideal solution to tackle homelessness
  • Energy efficient – end fuel poverty
  • Provide safe sanctuary for refugees, migrants and asylum-seekers.
  • Provide overflow accommodation for hospitals and care homes
  • Can be used as temporary housing for military personnel during deployment
  • Ideal for holiday homes, student accommodation or commercial office space.

The benefits of offsite modular housing for the homeless

We built all the Haus4 modular homes for this project to turnkey at our offsite factory. Research shows that modular building takes up to 67% less energy than an equivalent traditional build. Our production line approach to building the units, and the integration of all aspects of the build from structure to fixtures and fittings, greatly increased the efficiency, reduced waste, and ensured consistent quality throughout. We use sustainable timber from FSC certified merchants to build our modular homes.

We’re BOPAS accredited and our build system is certified by the Passivhaus Institut.

Passivhaus – the gold standard of energy efficient design

Haus4 is built to meet the stringent demands of Passivhaus, the gold standard for energy efficient design. The superior standards of the Beattie Passive build system results in a much more comfortable living environment that stays warm without a conventional heating system. This results in a much greener, far more energy efficient development that requires up to 90% less heating and emits far less carbon than a traditional housing development.

  • As standard the Beattie Passive system provides the following benefits.
  • Thermal bridge free ≤0.01 W/(mK)
  • High thermal efficiency (U-Values)Walls – ≤0.11 W/(m²K)Roof ≤0.11 W/(m²K)
  • Ground Floor ≤0.12 W/(m²K)
  • Airtightness below 1m³/hm²(@50pa)
  • Triple glazed Passivhaus windows

Modular housing for the homeless – energy efficient, relocatable and sustainable

One of the most unique aspects of the Hayes Place, and a key differentiator, is that the whole development is completely demountable, relocatable, and reusable with minimal fuss. That means that when the current development has served its purpose and the need for temporary housing arises elsewhere, these homes can be demounted and relocated as required. The need to construct a brand-new development, along with the associated carbon emissions, can be avoided.

This development achieves the high standards and quality of Passivhaus in terms of airtightness and thermal performance and was built entirely offsite.

Building modular housing offsite is extremely efficient
Modular homes can be delivered up to 50% faster than traditional housing