Passive House Standard Farmhouse

This large 5-bedroom bespoke farmhouse in rural Cambridgeshire is an exemplar of energy efficient, low carbon architectural design. The property is equipped with MVHR and fitted with PV panels that make it 120% energy efficient.
Made In The UK
Heat Demand
< 15 kWh/(m²yr)
PV Panels (Solar)
< 0.6ACH@50pa
Finalist, LABC Awards 2015

An extraordinarily energy efficient farmhouse, constructed using the Beattie Passive build system.

You can build any size, shape or style of home using the Beattie Passive build system. Read on to discover more about this Cambridgeshire-based design & build project.

The Beattie Passive Build System has transformed our ‘grand design’ vision to a living, breathing reality. Nestled within the family farm, our home blends seamlessly into the rolling landscape and will be extremely cost efficient for years to come.
Farmhouse, Cambridgeshire

Passive house standard farmhouse – the brief

The brief was to design and build a passive house standard farmhouse that would allow two families to enjoy the home, yet maintain their own privacy. In addition, it had to be high quality, low maintenance, with exceptional levels of energy efficiency. The client wanted to incorporate modern architecture, design and materials, to create an exceptional living space.

Passive house standard farmhouse elevation drawings

The elevations show the size and scale of the project.

Fabric first to maximise energy efficiency

At Beattie Passive, we always adopt a ‘fabric first’ approach. The house is Net Zero in terms of operational carbon emissions and 120% energy efficient. Applying the Passivhaus principles for heating and ventilation, via our patented (and Passivhaus certified) continuous insulation system, the architect designed the farmhouse to complement its rural surroundings – with negligible environmental impact.

“We looked very carefully at a number of different construction methods for the clients’ new farmhouse, starting with wide cavity masonry walls, then to Integrated Concrete Formwork (ICF) and SIPs construction. There were pros and cons for each method but, after being introduced to Ron Beattie in September 2011, we finally chose the Beattie Passive system as the best solution for this particular project.”

Tim Christy

RIBA Architect

A stunning contemporary passive house standard farmhouse

The Beattie Passive system provides this bespoke farmhouse with very high levels of insulation and eliminates cold bridges within the structure. The house benefits from a mechanically ventilated heat recovery system (MVHR) with an integral air source heat pump. Intake air is drawn through an underground 50m ‘earth tube’. It is pre-heated or cooled naturally. Domestic hot water is heated by two individual air source heat pump electric cylinders run during the day while the sun is out and stored for night-time use. There are even three wood burners installed, more for aesthetics than as a heating source, with airtightness maintained due to the air flow channelled via a separate underfloor pipe.

Bathrooms and kitchen areas have under floor electric mats using electricity generated from a large photovoltaic array installed on the adjacent farm building roofs. This is a highly sustainable working building, which is rated carbon negative.

Browse our gallery of project photographs below and get inspired.

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“It was time for the owners to embark on a labour of love to design and build a traditional farmhouse to blend in with its surroundings, with a high spec finish and gadgetry more akin to a James Bond hideaway.”
Self builder & Homemaker Magazine
July 2015