Self Build in Rural Norfolk

This highly energy efficient and sustainable home is nestled in the Norfolk countryside. Our client enjoys the energy efficiency, comfort and carbon-saving benefits of the Passivhaus standard with all the additional advantages of the Beattie Passive build system.
A superb Passivhaus standard self build property in rural Norfolk
Made In The UK
Mr Dickinson
Weston Longville, Norfolk
Delivery Method
Offsite Panel
U Values - Walls and Roof
0.11 W/m2k
U Values - Floor
0.09 W/m2k
0.33 hm2@50Pa

Passivhaus living in the heart of rural Norfolk

Tucked away behind a local church, this stunning 4 bedroom, 280m2 home is designed to be a relaxing hideaway in Weston Longville, Norfolk. Constructed to Passivhaus standards of airtightness and thermal comfort, the property is highly energy efficient and has a very low carbon footprint.

The benefits of the Beattie Passive build system

A Passivhaus standard property requires up to 90% less energy than a conventional home, so you can expect lower heating bills and an attendant decrease in carbon emissions. However, the benefits of the Beattie Passive build system go far beyond Passivhaus standards of energy efficiency, comfort and quality. In addition to these key metrics, Beattie Passive delivers high levels of protection against fire, flooding, noise and radon gas. We build healthier homes that are filled with fresh, filtered fresh air and natural light. Moisture and humidity is kept in check by a highly efficient MVHR system.

What’s more, although Passivhaus is not a environmental standard per se, it can deliver SIGNIFICANT ecological benefits. As you would expect, the energy efficiency has a profound effect on carbon emissions and it is interesting to note that Scotland has mandated Passivhaus (or a Scottish equivalent) to address the climate emergency and the drive towards achieving Net Zero in the housing sector. We build to the Passivhaus classic standard for the most part, but we have also delivered projects to Passivhaus Plus standard. This involves the integration of renewable energy and can be used to achieve Net Zero.

“With 2 reception rooms, an open plan kitchen diner and a natural swimming pool outside, the home is designed with entertaining in mind”

Jon Boon, Architect

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