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The Beattie Passive System

Passivhaus System

Simplifying Passivhaus – a highly innovative system that makes Passivhaus easy to achieve.

How It Works

Our innovative, patented construction method (now in 68 countries) provides a continuous insulation layer around the core of a timber framed structure and we are the first company in the UK to achieve certification for a complete Build System (ground floor, walls and roof) from the Passivhaus Institute in Germany.

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Beattie Passive House

Traditional construction methods involve numerous joints between floors, walls and roofs. Each joint will experience inevitable heat and air loss leading to increased energy requirements.

Our system overcomes these issues and surpasses the rigorous Passivhaus standards. The continuous insulation system is housed within a treated timber frame structure delivering a complete build system from foundation beams, ground floor, walls and ceiling or roof. Once in place, high performance insulation material is injected into the floor, wall and ceiling cavities, creating one continuous insulated layer around the building. No joints, no leaks.

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How We Deliver

Our build system is available via four flexible delivery options to suit every requirement of size and style of building, quantity of homes and site location.

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What Makes Us Unique

Passivhaus System

As well as delivering Passivhaus as standard, Beattie Passive also delivers:

  • High fire, flood and radon protection
  • Superior sound protection
  • British design and manufacture
  • Full testing and certification

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Who We Are

As Passivhaus experts, we have a genuine passion for delivering high quality, high performance homes for our clients. Watch this short video introducing the Beattie Passive team.

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Recent Passive House projects


Recent Passive House projects


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