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Visit from MPs to Coventry Force homes for Orbit

Isabel Beattie
Posted May 13, 2013
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On Friday 3rd May 2013 a party which included Rt. Hon. Geoffrey Robinson MP for Coventry North West, Rt. Hon. Jim Cunningham MP for Coventry South and Coventry City Councillor Ed Ruane, cabinet member with responsibility for Neighbourhood Action, Housing, Leisure and Culture were welcomed to the site by Beattie Passive directors Ron and Rosemary Beattie, CEO Pete Halsall, Helen Brown, Head of Building Physics at Encraft and Alan Leary at Walker Cotter.

Ed Ruane expressed enthusiastic support for the project, which offers training and work experience opportunities to four Coventry City College students, where the Swanswell Centre provides a state-of-the art facility for a wide range of Construction courses. After hands-on training at the Centre, the four students took five days to manufacture timber frames for the two house. These have now been transported to the site for erection.

Mr Ruane commented “These students could be the house-builders of the future. We’re glad to help to equip them with transferable skills to future-proof against changes in construction methods. As well as maximise their long-term employment prospects”. Geoffrey Robinson confirms “The particular benefit for these students is to experience day-to-day involvement in a live, cutting-edge project to complement their College course.”

The party presented each student with a well-equipped toolbox as a mark of appreciation of their contribution to the project. “We need to support young people who are keen to develop their skills. As well prospects for employment in a difficult economic climate. It’s encouraging to see how much these students have achieved in such a short time” comments Jim Cunningham.

Overview of project

Built on two adjacent plots provided by Coventry City Council in a housing estate on the outskirts of the city, the Eco House Construction Project is a collaboration between FORCE, the Forum for Constructing Excellence in Coventry and Warwickshire and Orbit Homes. Delighted to be awarded the opportunity to demonstrate his company’s inventive approach to energy-efficient construction, Ron Beattie, founder and Managing Director of Beattie Passive explains that the key to the energy-efficiency of his patented construction concept is ensuring an airtight, thermal bridge-free design and a high level of insulation.

Scheduled to last 26 weeks, the project is perceived by Orbit Homes as a forerunner for their new build standard. Concerned to use future-proofed construction methodologies which incorporate eco-friendly technologies. The company invests its surpluses in providing affordable homes and prides itself on a “commercial approach with a social purpose”.