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Our Flying Factory offering is a proven concept with low start-up costs. We'll provide your staff or your Direct Labour Organisation (DLO) with all the support, training and technical ‘know-how’ you need to run your own Flying Factory and build Passivhaus standard homes using local labour and supply chains.
Learn to build housing to Passivhaus standard
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Become a Beattie Passive Flying Factory Partner and you can build homes to Passivhaus standard

The Flying Factory offering is designed for Housing Associations, ALMOs, Councils, Social Enterprises, Community Land Trusts and Developers that want to provide Passivhaus standard accommodation to their residents. Become a Beattie Passive Flying Factory partner and you’ll be officially licensed to use our patented, certified and award-winning build system.

Fascinating visit to Beattie Passive in Bicester to see how they are building Passivhaus homes in a ‘Flying Factory’, allowing homes from self-build to social housing to be built with cost, time, health and environmental benefits
Rebecca Evans
Minister for Housing and Regeneration, Wales

How does it work?

Beattie Passive will provide you and your in-house team with all the training and knowledge you need to begin working with your own Flying Factory. The training package consists of 5 weeks of hands-on training time.

An opportunity for four trainees to learn from our experienced team. We’ll train you to manufacture and construct the Beattie Passive build system at our Training Academy in Norwich, Norfolk.

We’ll support you to begin manufacturing from your own official Beattie Passive Flying Factory. You’ll benefit from the experience and expertise we’ve gained from our own factory and from supporting our established Flying Factory partners.

You’ll be given in-depth onsite training as you build your first house that covers the key elements of the Beattie Passive patented structural thermal envelope.

Our team will provide support, training and mentorship to share innovations and continuously improve the efficiency of your factory operations.

What are the benefits?

  • Employ local labour or your own DLO to build our system.
  • Use your own local supply chain.
  • Deliver social and economic benefits in your local community.
  • Manage your costs.
  • Establishing a Flying Factory in close proximity to construction sites is highly efficient and lowers transport costs.
  • Faster delivery! Sticks and panels can be manufactured offsite.
  • No specialised equipment required.
  • Your Flying Factory can be scaled up, scaled down, relocated or mothballed as needed.
  • Support people to learn carpentry and construction skills.

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