Modular Factory Partnerships

Our modular factory partnership gives you the opportunity to emulate what we've achieved with our own offsite factory and build system. We'll show you how to build low carbon and net zero homes to Passivhaus standards using modern methods of construction and volumetric modular technology.
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You can build homes to the Passivhaus standard

Beattie Passive’s modular partnership offering provides an exciting opportunity to create a collaborative partnership venture. Set-up a factory within your local area to deliver Zero Carbon housing at full scale using offsite manufacturing.

Who is it for?

This modular partnership offering is designed for Developers, Housing Associations and Councils, either individually or collaboratively, that are looking to deliver modular Net Zero housing at scale. Through partnering with Beattie Passive, you will realise the cost savings of building your own homes as well as the considerable social, economic and environmental benefits from having your own factory.

Beattie Passive modular factories employ local workers, upskill them in sustainable building, and give them a new futureproof vocation. For every £1 spent, the social return on investment is £3.19
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What are the benefits?

  • Manufacture energy efficient, zero carbon homes
  • Create new jobs in your area
  • Improve skills through development and training
  • Build local supply chain relationships
  • Anchor manufacturing facility
  • Export potential
  • Reduce fuel poverty
  • Encourage personal and community pride
  • Build healthier homes

The aims of the partnership

Beattie Passive will provide you and your in-house team with all the training and knowledge you need to establish your own offsite modular factory.

Our partnership has low start-up costs from only £500,000. Your investment, combined with our expertise, will enable you to produce high quality volumetric modular homes to Passivhaus standards from your own offsite manufacturing and training facility.

The homes you produce at your facility will be built to Beattie Passive Passivhaus standards and capable of achieving Net Zero. With the climate emergency grabbing the headlines, this is an opportunity to do what’s right for the planet, while giving yourself a competitive advantage over traditional housebuilders.

Offsite manufacturing is highly efficient and our build system, procedures and processes have been tried, tested and proven at our own large offsite manufacturing facility in Norwich.

Modular housing, built offsite using modern methods of construction, is the future of housebuilding and Passivhaus is already recognised as the gold standard of energy efficient design. Put the two together and you have a compelling proposition that ticks all the boxes for speed of delivery, energy efficiency, net zero carbon, living standards and build quality.

We’ve delivered some major projects from our own modular factory and we want to share everything we’ve learned, achieved and accomplished with you. Let’s build better housing together.

Employment opportunities are central to our modular factory partnership and have a specific focus on those finding it difficult to access or return to the workplace.

Our partnership offers a route into construction for people in your local area, with no barriers to entry in terms of skills or experience.

As a training provider, we develop the skills of your factory workers, and the associated trades, to manufacture the Beattie Passive build system. Certified by the Passivhaus Institut, it is a very straightforward system, that has been used to build over 450 properties to Passivhaus standard.

We encourage you to develop strategic supplier relationships with companies within your local area. A Beattie Passive partnership brings pride and prosperity to local communities, and the benefits for your local economy will extend far and wide.

Our modular factory partners are also given the opportunity to deliver our patented TCosy™ retrofit system. It provides a fast, low cost and highly replicable solution for a wide range of buildings. The TCosy™ dramatically reduces energy requirements, creates a healthier living environment and can be delivered while residents remain in their home.

Retrofit is a massive opportunity but also a monumental challenge to ensure we, as a nation, achieve our target to achieve net zero by 2050. UK homes are amongst the coldest, leakiest and draughtiest in Europe, so the potential market is enormous.

Take a look at our retrofit page to learn more about our approach.

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