Modular homes for the homeless

Haus4 Modular Homes

Made In The UK

Haus4 modular homes – our answer to the housing and homelessness crisis

Built to Passivhaus standards of energy efficiency, quality and comfort in as little as 6 weeks, our award-winning Haus4 modular homes can be installed, ready for occupation, in a matter of hours. Haus4 modular homes are stackable, relocatable and sustainable, with remarkably low running costs. And if you need to achieve Net Zero, look no further!

  • Built to Passivhaus standard
  • All the additional benefits of the Beattie Passive build system
  • BOPAS accredited
  • Passivhaus certified build system
  • Optimised for Net Zero
  • The ideal solution to tackle homelessness
  • Energy efficient – end fuel poverty
  • Provide safe sanctuary for refugees, migrants and asylum-seekers.
  • Provide overflow accommodation for hospitals and care homes
  • Temporary housing for military personnel during deployment
  • Can also be used for holiday homes, student accommodation or commercial office space.

“Beattie Passive’s modular solutions provide a fast and effective response for our plans, including provision for a potential increase in family homelessness. The flexibility of this fully demountable system means they can be moved elsewhere in the future if required, enabling us to respond to changing housing need over time”

Councillor Lynda Thorne

Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities

Haus4 modular homes - Haus4Studio

Two self-contained studio flats within one modular unit. These homes can be standalone or stacked to form apartment blocks.

Haus4 modular homes - Haus4One

Single bedroom modular homes designed for one person, with separate living space and bathroom.

Haus4 modular homes - Haus4Two

Double bedroom modular homes, suitable for a couple, with separate living space and bathroom.

Haus4 modular homes - Haus4Three

A large and spacious two bedroom modular home for families of up to three people.

Haus4 modular homes - Haus4Care

Relocatable hospital units to respond to the immediate need for more space. Designed to support patient recovery.

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