Volumetric modular homes built to Passivhaus standards of energy efficiency, comfort and quality

Volumetric Modular Homes

Made In The UK

We build volumetric modular homes to Passivhaus standards using modern methods of construction

We’ve combined the energy efficiency, comfort and carbon-saving benefits of the Passivhaus standard with the speed and versatility of volumetric modular construction. We can offer you a high degree of design flexibility, turning your architectural ideas into the modular, net zero homes of the future.

  • Up to 90% reduction in heating demand
  • All our homes can achieve Net Zero – 100% reduction in energy bills
  • BOPAS accredited build system
  • Renewables cut CO2 emissions
  • Thermal comfort throughout the year
  • Superior standards of fire safety
  • Radon gas protection as standard
  • Robust and built to last
  • Fully tested for airtightness and thermal performance

Going modular can save you a lot of time and money. It takes up to 67% less energy to build a modular home and it’s up to 50% faster than traditional construction methods.

Nathan Beattie

Commercial Operations

Our volumetric modular homes

Here are some examples of our house types, which all conform to NDSS standards. Our build system is extremely versatile, so we’ll work closely with your design team to transform your own architectural ideas into spacious, energy efficient modular homes.

Endeavour volumetric modular home


Built to the Passivhaus standard with all the additional benefits of a Beattie Passive build, these detached one-bedroom homes are the perfect housing solution for smaller plots or infill sites.

These homes come with a choice of roof types and external cladding.

Challenger volumetric modular home


Constructed as either a two-bedroom or three-bedroom home, Challenger can be built as a freestanding semi-detached house or a terraced development. Large Passivhaus standard windows at the front ensure maximum solar gains and the large living room and bedrooms provide a generously sized living space for residents.

Discovery volumetric modular home


Discovery comes as either a two-bedroom or three-bedroom semi-detached home. The pitched roof makes the inclusion of additional solar panels easy. Combined with a brick-render and SteniTM façade, the Discovery offers the opportunity to discover Passivhaus living in a traditional looking home with a clean, modern aesthetic that can fit into any urban or rural setting.

Gemini volumetric modular home


Built as either two-bedroom or three-bedroom homes, these semi-detached properties provide a clean, modern aesthetic. As with all our semi-detached and terraced options, the sound proofing between dwellings is six times better than current building regulations, providing a tranquil environment to live in. Gemini homes come finished with cladding and a flat roof.

Horizon volumetric modular home


With generously sized bedrooms and a large living area, these two-bedroom bungalows are extremely versatile. The Horizon can be used in a variety of situations, from providing additional living space for elderly relatives or as emergency homeless accommodation for small families.

Enterprise volumetric modular home


Built using your choice of a mix of one-bedroom, two-bedroom or three-bedroom apartments, the Enterprise apartment blocks offer the ultimate flexibility to meet your housing needs. All flats are built to turnkey in our modular factory and delivered to site, where they can be stacked to create instant apartment blocks. What’s more, each unit is completely relocatable and reconfigurable to meet your needs in the future. Balconies can be fitted on site and a variety of cladding finishes are available.

Galatea volumetric modular home


Designed using rigid symmetry in mass as well as window and door placement, the Galatea offers a more traditional Georgian-style aesthetic that disguises a highly efficient Passivhaus home. Built using your choice of a mix of two-bedroom or three-bedroom houses, Galatea is a flexible design that can be built either as a standalone home or as part of a terraced development.

Modular housing is affordable, efficient and sustainable
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