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The Beattie Passive TCosy™ is a complete deep retrofit system for housing. The system creates a void from foundations to roof, encapsulating the existing roof and external brickwork. This structure is then injected with insulation to create a highly energy efficient building envelope, with no thermal bridges, that improves the U-value of the walls and roof.
A deep retrofit system to decarbonise social housing
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Retrofitting can significantly improve the energy efficiency of your home, reduce your fuel bills and eliminate draughts

Retrofitting is an absolutely essential element of the UK’s Net Zero strategy. At Beattie Passive, we deep retrofit to the rigorous EnerPHit standard. Below are the technical specifications of our patented TCosy™ deep retrofit system. You can read about our deep retrofit project in Birmingham, Solihull and Great Yarmouth by following the link below.

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The Beattie Passive TCosy™ System

The Beattie Passive TCosy™ is a deep retrofit solution that creates a void, from foundations to roof, that encapsulates the existing roof and external brickwork. This is injected with insulation to a create a highly efficient building envelope, with no thermal bridges, that significantly enhances the U-value of the walls and roof.

WallsU-value: 0.12w/m2k
RoofU-value: 0.11w/m2k
FloorPerimeter U-value: 0.43w/m2k
Insulated U-value: 0.13w/m2k
Windows & DoorsTriple glazed, passive-certified U-value: 0.78w/m2k
VentilationHigh performance Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR). A full heat recovery ventilation system is installed with the new TCosy™ frame that recovers 84% of the heat from internal heating sources – supplying fresh, filtered air to all rooms. Incorporating the MVHR system within the frame, and penetrating only through the walls at high level, minimises internal disturbance and the loss of internal space.
HeatingReduction in heating demand of up to 90%
RenewablesPhotovoltaic panels (PVs) can be added to achieve Net Zero

“What every retrofit project needs is a low risk, whole building approach, capable of delivering superior thermal protection and air tightness, as well as fit-for-purpose heat recovery ventilation. Beattie Passive’s TCosy™ does all of this and more”

Helen Brown

Head of Building Physics, Encraft

Guaranteeing the performance of your home

Testing & Certification

We inspect and independently performance test every Beattie Passive house to ensure the highest standards of construction are maintained.

We carry out stringent airtightness, thermal imaging and sound migration tests upon structural completion. We will only issue a quality assurance certificate if our stringent design standards have been met. We test at the right time, every time.

At Beattie Passive, we inspect and test each build for the following:

  • Airtightness
  • Sound migration & acoustics
  • Thermal imagery (for continuity of insulation)
  • Structural testing

These tests are performed at crucial stages of the build process. Through these ongoing and stringent testing procedures, each Beattie Passive build achieves the highest standard of construction to meet the requirements for final certification.

For those building the system themselves, these test provides peace of mind that the building has been built correctly and ensures any minor defects can be rectified with minimal disruption and cost.

A full report showing all test results and statistics is supplied by Beattie Passive on completion. The report is stamped and signed to confirm all results are genuine and meet the standards required for Passivhaus certification.

With normal builds, we usually find several gaps that we spend two days smoke testing to rectify in order to achieve an overall score of between one and two. At the Housing Association site in Fife, plot one achieved an initial air test reading of 0.4 – which is amazing. We have not seen results like this before in the UK.
Matthew Moore
Air Testing Limited

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