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Structural Thermal Envelope

We can manufacture our build system offsite to deliver a fully tested structural thermal envelope, which is airtight, watertight, and ready for you to complete. This gives you complete peace of mind that the structure has been constructed correctly and complies to all the relevant Building Regulations.
Made In The UK

Due to our unique patents, we’re the only company that can deliver continuous insulation around a building

The cheapest and most renewable energy is the energy you don’t use. At Beattie Passive, we always adopt a ‘fabric first’ approach, using our patented Passivhaus certified build system, to create a continuously insulated structural thermal envelope around the core of a timber-framed structure.


Our structural thermal envelope achieves Passivhaus standards of airtightness
Our structural thermal envelope meets Passivhaus performance benchmarks
Our structural thermal envelope is tried and tested

3 Routes to Passivhaus

Beattie Passive offers you a choice of options to give you the freedom to choose the most appropriate route for your own unique Passivhaus project. We can take your architectural plans and provide the design and technical services you need to achieve Passivhaus performance. Or you could go a step further and commission us to build the structural thermal envelope for you. Alternatively, we could handle the entire project from start to finish.

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Building regulations for the structureYYY
Full material specificationYYY
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Manufacture and build of STEYY
Structural testingYYY
Thermal imagingYYY
Sound testingYYY
Complete internal and external finishesY
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We offer a range of project delivery options
Our services include design, build and complete turnkey solutions