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Winners! UK Passivhaus Awards 2014

Isabel Beattie
Posted July 03, 2014
Category Awards

We are pleased to have won the UK Passivhaus Awards 2014 for Cost & Buildability for the Coventry Eco House.  This was a joint entry with Encraft, PHPP Consultants for the project.  A team from Beattie Passive attended the ceremony and received the award with Helen Brown of Encraft.

Passivhaus Award

There were three categories Architectural Design, Bespoke Project Design and Cost & Buildability.  The winners of each category were:

Cost & Build-ability Category: Coventry Eco House – Beattie Passive & Encraft

Architectural Design: Burham Overy Staite –Parsons + Whittley Architects

Bespoke Project Design: New Farmhouse – Kirsty Maguire Architects